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Dallas Market – Quick Glance – Infographics

We are in Dallas market. Check out the stats from Greater Fort worth Association of Realtors. As you know, it’s very much sellers market with just 1 month inventory. Buyers are paying almost 40-50k higher than asking price. About Om Realty Group Tx

Retreat or Resurgence – Great Study from Texas A&M RE Center

Years from now, what will people remember about the COVID-19 pandemic? Social tensions? Hand-washing jingles? Those following the economy will perhaps recall the housing market’s surprising resiliency. Few expected such a rapid recovery in the housing market, especially after the last recession caused by the mortgage market collapse. Unlike last time, the housing market may […]

Understanding Real Estate Cycle & Planning for next downturn…

I have come across this great article from Harvard Extension school fellow explaining the real estate cycle in great detail with past numbers. Read the full article at his website. Let me quickly share snippet about his 3 indicators to watch out for the next down turn, The First Indicator of Trouble The delineation point […]

What’s happening to Houston Homes sales – Jun 2017 – Record month in History!!!

Just received the report from HAR and I was really surprised with the numbers. With oil price down and many companies went through layoffs and downsizing and last year and now just getting back up this year. But real estate is continue to progress and making record high numbers. A total of 8,414 single-family homes […]

Supersized homes are still people favorite…

Texas is home for bigger and better homes and big mansions because we have large acres to build them. As per Commerce Department, the median size of a completed new home last year bloomed to a new record – 2,415 square feet. But will the supersize trend stick? Here are some food for thought. During […]

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