Realestate is considered to be one of the better investment opportunities compared to Stocks and bonds except the lack liquidity factor. It’s helps to edge Inflation in great way. It has 5 important profit centers which can be easily remembered using ABCDE acronym.
A – Appreciation
B – Built-in Equity
C – Cashflow
D – Depreciation in Tax Return
E – Equity when purchased using Loan

All things are working to grow your money. Many smart people invest in real estate for their retirement, kids education and passive income. Whatever is your final destination, investing in the right property at right location for the right price really reaps rewards in the long run.

Are you waiting on the sidelines for the right time to jump into real estate investing?
Are you are full time employee, trying to diversify your investment using real estate as part time investor?
Are you veteran real estate investor looking for right realtor to help you?

The opportunity might be knocking your door but you have to open it up and grab it. I can help you to materialize the current opportunity available for real estate investing. I have few rental properties on my own and manage them efficiently. I have seen the ups and downs by working directly with the Tenants starting from renting till evicting them. I also helped and mentored few of my friends to get into real estate investing by getting them few single family rental properties. They are glad that they made the decision and earning passive income every month.

We love to call ourselves Investor’s Realtors because we work with wide range of investors from newbies trying to get their feet wet to veteran investors. We love to hand hold and walk you through each step along with you to start your real estate investment journey. There are different ways we can help an Investor,

  1. Realtor – Try to help you find the right property matching your investment goals(Short, Long, Immediate return) and work to get it for you.
  2. Fix & Lease – I can help you fix the property and lease it for you.
  3. Manage – I can also manage the property to keep you out of any tenant hassle.

If you are interested to talk about investment opportunities in real estate, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. You can check on our recent Investors deals completed.