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Why should you choose Om Realty Group Brokerage?

Whether you are a new agent or experienced one, you obviously want to know what’s we offer different than other Brokers.

Here is the Top 5 list of things,
1. We are 100% agent commission Brokerage with just E & O Insurance paid on each transaction.
2. One on One mentoring provided to each agent. Many flat fee brokers they don’t even call and email the agents to check on them. We are people oriented and always look out for agent growth and like to be in touch with you.
3. With Broker’s vast experience in Real Estate Investing arena, he is willing to offer help and guidance for agents if they want to handle RE Investors or be an Investor.
4. For Performing agent, we offer Referral Bonus and offer refund up to $100 for training or courses every year.
5. Agents can be part of investment properties if they want to share part of the pie.

A lot more than the above, here is our full list of benefits and fee schedule sheet Agent Info sheet with more details.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to email our office at