• How can I get Preapproved?
    You can contact local credit unions or banks like BOA, Amegy bank to apply for the loan and get it pre-approved. They have process streamlined to get the preapproval completed in a day.

  • I have low credit score, Is it possible to buy a home?
    It depends on different things. If you have debt ratio(PITI ration) above 28%, it is not easy to get it approved for loan by conventional way. But you might be able to get FHA loans depending on your income level. Credit score is not the deciding factor. Please contact a lender or email me if you need contact person.


  • What is the general ROI on the rental property?
    It depends on the location, neighborhood and more importantly your capital investment. If it’s right location and good neighborhood,


  • Is it legal to give back commission?
  • Yes. It is very much legal if it done properly in papers. It has to be contributed towards closing cost and cannot be given out of the transaction.

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