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House Flipping – Quick Basics

Check out this quick video to learn about the House Flipping. You need to make sure the market supports flipping before venturing out. About Om Realty Group Tx

What is the Best Way For Average Person To Invest $100,000 Today?

This post is from which I subscribed to educate myself on savings and investments. Bloomberg has an interview transcript with investor John Paulson, and it has the catchy headline Billionaire Paulson Who Shorted Subprime Calls Crypto ‘Worthless’ Bubble. He does say that, but the interview also includes some insights on many other topics like asymmetrical […]

One more Flip down, Next one on the way. Keeping it going…

It’s summer alright!! Houston is getting Hot and humid slow and steady. People say it’s going to be one of the hot summer because winter was bad. Being said, what it gotta to do with Real estate. It is very much gotta to do with REI. Market is already tightening up. Not many properties out […]

What is the problem with Newbie RE Investors?

I get few PM from new investors from all around every day to start investing in Real Estate. As a mentor, I am always open and try to start working with them. But I see few problems/issues with newbies. Everyone is different but I like to categories newbies in 3 ways, Organized but Worried, Pumped […]

Join us 1st Meeting of DIY Real Estate Investors Group

Where:2427 FM 1092 Rd · Missouri City, tx – Shipley Donuts Shopping center, Next to Dollar Tree When: 1/25 – Thu – 6:30 – 8:30 pm Topics: New Prediction, Goals, Actions & Property Analysis Join the meet up group and attend the meeting every month. Do It Your way Real Estate Investors Sugar Land, TX […]