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What happens to markets if rate cuts don’t come this year?

At beginning of the year and even in February blogs/videos, I have eluded to the expectation that we will see rate cuts this year which might help the Real estate market. But seems like that’s not going to happen. In the residential sector, failure to bring rates down meaningfully would lead to another year of […]

Mortgage Rates are on the rise – What’s going on?

Many expected the mortgage rates to slowly drop this year as the economy is doing good and steady and there is no Fed rate increase. But things are happening in opposite direction as of Feb 8th, 2024. What’s going on? Important reason is that US Job market outperformed expectations in Jan 2024 with surging job […]

Look back 2023 & 2024 Hottest Housing Market – Zillow Report

A Look Back at 2023 US New Home Sales Activity link In 2023, new home sales in major metro areas declined, with New York experiencing the largest drop. New home prices increased by only 2% through November 2023, a significant slowdown compared to the 10% growth in 2022. The South, particularly Dallas and Houston, led the […]

What Will Happen to Mortgage Rates in 2024?

The last two years have seen marked increases in mortgage rates across the country. Prospective homebuyers are increasingly concerned that rising interest rates will prevent them from homeownership, and everyone wants to know when mortgage rates will start to decrease.  But the answer isn’t that simple. Mortgage rates are influenced by a set of factors […]

House Flipping – Quick Basics

Check out this quick video to learn about the House Flipping. You need to make sure the market supports flipping before venturing out. About Om Realty Group Tx