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As an investor many of you invests hundreds of dollars to signup for subscriptions to get foreclosure and pre-foreclosure listings. Sometimes you have to sign up for an online account and end up going through pages and pages of listings or don’t have a way to filter them properly because these websites are not robust enough to give options to filter by cumbersome criteria’s. Some of these sites are loaded with junk popup ads which we all hate. Now you don’t have to put up with those sites anymore and on top of that you can also save dollars.

Good news is that recently announced that it has added nearly 2 million free listings of “pre-market inventory” to its database. This includes full addresses and details on pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, and bank-owned properties not included in the usual MLS databases. Click the below image and you will be taken to the section at which is dedicated specifically for foreclosure listings.

In order to get your hands on to the listings, you either have to sign up as user if you don’t have an user account already or just login using your current user name. It is just that simple. After you login, you can search for any type of listing for the area you are interested. You can set your filter criteria using the filter option like below,

I checked for my zipcode 77070 and I was able to see lot of listings which I actually showed to my clients during this year. I also saw other listings which I never came across in the MLS because these properties may be sold via county auction and other auction sites. That’s really a great asset for any investor. One problem I noticed was that the listings are not updated. It still shows lots of properties as foreclosed which are already sold and no longer available in the market. So you may need to double check and make sure the property which is showing in the site is available for sale or not even though it says foreclosed.

This free listing might be a great help to many of the investors who are struggling to find the information from various avenues. But it is certainly not an up-todate listing and you better talk to a realtor to find out whether the property is available to purchase or not and get the help of the realtor to do any real estate investing.

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