Inspiring Story from a 14 year old landlord – Check it out

I came across this video from a co-blogger post( which is part of Ellen’s show and I immediately wanted to share with you all.

I have seen many clients who has money and wanted to invest in real estate but just hesitant about it. They keep looking at houses but never have the courage to take the first step to dive into real estate investing. Look at this young lady who bought a house for $12000 in short sale in Florida. The 3-bedroom house is now rented out for $700 a month! The house was worth $100,000 during the real estate bubble.

As a teenager instead of spending money in cellphones, video games or other junk stuff, she saved money which she earned from offering move-out cleaning service for new investors and looking for deals from garage sales and resells them for a profit on Craigslist. With the saved money of $6,000 cash, she partnered with her mom (a real estate agent) who put down $6,000 to get this house.

Isn’t amazing for her? She now has a passive income and can build on it. It helps to have mom as a real estate agent but still she thought about the idea and jumped into it when she got the chance. That’s the spirit of entrepreneurship. I hope to teach some real estate to my son some day and may be he will buy houses one day. Will see… Anyway, people who been waiting on side lines take this as an inspiration and start thinking about really getting into the waters and trying it out.

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