Om Property Services

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Om Property Services

Flat Rate Property Management company
Investor Owned, Investor Friendly
$75/door for single family properties

Services offered,

Full Service Property Management
1. Leasing
Services covered,

Rental Analysis – Evaluate property to determine market rent
Market rental property, take rental leads and arrange showing for qualified prospective tenants
Screen Tenants by doing credit, criminal and background checks
Prepare and Execute rental lease
Collect Security Deposit and handover to landlord after signing of lease
2. Full Service Property Management
Services covered,

Assess property for repairs or improvements needed to be rent and in some cases to bring up to the local code
Finalize the list of repairs and improvements needed with Landlord
Get quotes from multiple Handyman for repairs required
Coordinate with Handyman and other warranty services to get the repairs done ? Includes Lease services mentioned above.
Move in/Move out repairs and cleaning
Collect and hold security deposit
Regular Rent collection & Landlord monthly Rent disbursement
Coordinate repairs with Tenant and Repair Services
One Annual inspections with photos
Work with home warranty companies
Help with HOA’s deed restrictions
Initiate Vacate process including Eviction, see below for additional charges